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DNA Test Program – MyHeritage

Connect with your culture…discover your history…and forge a deeper bond with your congregation with this special program from MyHeritage.

Created exclusively for members of Congregation B’nai Israel, this unique program is more than your average DNA test.  MyHeritage is an Israeli-based company that specializes in helping our Jewish brothers and sisters around the globe unlock our unique genealogical and family backgrounds.

Participation in this fun and exciting event is simple:

  1. Kits are available in the temple office. Visit the temple office and see Lynn to purchase your kit. She’ll note your and your family’s ID numbers for later reference.
  2. Go home, register your kit online and do a simple cheek swab.
  3. Mail the kit back to MyHeritage in the envelope provided.

It’s that easy! In four to six weeks, you’ll receive your personal results, including your genealogical background and breakdown of Askenazi vs. Sephardic Jewish ancestry.

And now the fun begins!  In the spring, we’ll host a gathering where you’ll be invited to share your results (if you so desire) with the congregation.  Also included in this exciting event: 

  • A guest speaker, direct from My Heritage’s Or Yehuda headquarters, will join us to talk about Jewish heritage and the unique challenges of tracing our DNA.
  • Cousins matching (optional):   MyHeritage will analyze the results from all participants in our group to identify close and distant cousins among us. You may find that your friends are actually your relatives!

The cost is $80 per kit…less than the cost of the kit alone when you order online!