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We do a lot of singing and creative movement in our program. Singing and moving to music allow the children a chance to hear and appreciate different types of music, express themselves through movement and practice new skills. The children love singing together, and it helps them to learn to cooperate in a group. Here are some of the things we do to encourage a love for music and movement:

  • We listen to all different types of music.
  • We play instruments to make our own music.
  • We give children colored scarves and paper streamers to use as they move to music.
  • We sing blessings before we eat.
  • We use chants to help us get through the daily routines, such as clean-up time.

Jewish holiday songs help us get into the spirit of upcoming holidays. Hebrew songs and songs with Hebrew words teach vocabulary in a fun and engaging way.  We play and sing Jewish music from around the world. We learn Jewish and Israeli folk dances.
You don’t have to play an instrument or sing on key to enjoy music with your child. Taking a few minutes together to listen to music can provide a welcome break at home. The music you play can be reggae, country, jazz, classical or any other music you like. Songs and finger plays help keep children occupied at challenging times, for instance during long car trips, while waiting in line or when grocery shopping. Songs can ease your child into tasks like picking up toys, getting dressed, undressing, etc. Musical instruments can be made or improvised at home easily. Cooking pots and lids make great instruments!

Sharing music with your child is a wonderful way to build a warm, loving relationship. It is a gift that will last forever.

Gail Weinstein
Early Childhood Director

The Threes Classes and their parents took part in the Mitzvah Workshop, making projects for the needy, including sandwiches and desserts.
Grandma Roz (standing, left) came in for a special visit with the children in the four-day Threes Class.


During the last decade attention has been given to the education of young children before they are exposed to formal schooling. A variety of reasons have contributed to this trend. The working mother and the change from large and extended families have led to the necessity and establishment of daycare centers and nursery schools.

What applies to general education is equally valid for Jewish education. The present day American Jewish family is, as a rule, singularly not able to supply the young child with both the general and Jewish knowledge, skill, and experiences, which a desirable education in the early years should afford.

It is for this reason B'nai Israel encouraged the opening of our nursery school. Our focus is not only the welfare of the individual child in a group situation, but the fulfillment of educating parents through the child's activities and therefore enriching the family as a whole.

We are currently enrolling for the 2004-2005 school year. Our programs are varied. Congregational families have priority registration. Please call the school to set up an appointment to visit our programs.

Coffee & Cuddles
Moms/Caregivers & Babies Birth to 1 yr. Wednesday a.m.
Moms/Caregivers & Toddlers 13 mos.-2 yrs. Monday or Tuesday a.m.

Monday/Wednesday & Tuesday/Thursday - 2 days or 4 days
Optional Friday class
Extended lunch Monday-Thursday

Monday/Wednesday/Friday A.M. with extended day lunch options
Mon./Tues./Wed./Thurs./Friday - 4 or 5 days with extended lunch options

Monday- Friday with extended day lunch options

We also offer after school enrichment programs and a summer camp!

We Welcome You!!



The B'nai Banter

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Holiday Boutique

A Letter from the Chairperson

The nursery school committee would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and sweet new year! As you walk through our nursery school halls, you can see that our children are adjusted to their new schedules and routines and are enjoying their time at B’nai Israel. Now that the children are settled, it is time for the parents to have a little time to mingle with other B’nai parents.

What better way to have the opportunity to relax and socialize then at our upcoming Parents Night Out social to be held at the home of Nina Silberman and Howard Weissman on Saturday, November 12th. A very special evening is planned with great food and friends and a wine presentation by Harry’s Wine and Liquor. Thank you to Nina Silberman for chairing and hosting this event and to Danielle Weisblatt and Susan Freed for helping to coordinate all the arrangements.

We hope that you all have sent in your RSVPs to attend the Family Havdalah Service and Shira Kline concert on Saturday, November 5th. Shira will perform with her drummer for an evening of fun and dancing.  Pack a picnic dinner and we’ll provide the dessert and coffee. Thank you Lisa Verchin for chairing this program and Beth Rocco, Jen Klein, Camy Deck and Danielle Weisblatt for assisting.

Another shopping extravaganza is fast approaching. On Sunday, December 4th we will be holding our annual B’nai Holiday Boutique. With many fine and unique vendors, you will have the opportunity to do all your holiday shopping in one place. The boutique is open to the public so friends and family are welcome. We will need many volunteers to help out on this day so please contact Gail Weinstein or me if you would like to assist.

Our next nursery school committee meeting will be held on Monday, November 14th at 9:15 a.m. (please note the date change). Hope to see you all there!


            Gayle Szuchman
            Nursery School Committee Chairperson

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Time Change for the Fall!
Having reviewed our schedule as a staff, we decided to make a change to our hours. Beginning September, 2005 we will start our program at 9:00 a.m. rather than 9:30 a.m. We hope all our families find this helpful and we certainly feel it will enhance our programs.

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Next Issue Deadline
Interested in contributing to the next issue of The B’nai Banter? Our next deadline will be Monday, October 31 for the November/December issue.

Wanted: Classified Ads!

We have decided to try out a new section in the Bnai Banter which is, for those of you new to our facility, a wonderful informative paper containing information about nursery school “stuff.” Our new section will be entitled classified and will hopefully be a great resource for all of us either looking for things, selling things, etc. Some things that may be included are: furniture, baby items, household items, cars, houses, bikes, babysitting needs, carpools, nannies, jobs, etc.

You will be asked to fill a form with all the information and your classified will be added into the next Banter. These forms will be available at the Nursery School bulletin in the lobby. Completed forms will go in a “mailbox” on the bulletin board as well. If you have any questions please call or email Kim Sherman.

By Kim Sherman

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Calendar of Events

September 7

School opens


3s and 4s parents meeting - 9:45 a.m.
First Nursery School Committee meeting - 7:30

Lunch program begins
Mon/Wed classes 2s parents meeting - 9:15

Tues/Thurs classes 2s parents meeting - 9:15
October 3

Enrichment program begins

4, 5, 13, 18

No school


Nursery School Committee meeting at 7:30 pm

  Back to School night - 7:30-9:00
No school
Parents Night Out Social

November 5

Havdalah Service and family concert


Mitzvah workshop for 3s and parents - 9:15-12

  Parents Night Out Wine Tasting Social

“Taste of Judaism” with Rabbi Greene at 9:30am

  no lunch or enrichment
No school

No school

  “Taste of Judaism” with Rabbi Greene at 9:30am

Nursery School Open House 9:30 to 11:00am

December 4
Boutique - 9:30-2:30

26-January 1

No school

  “Taste of Judaism” with Rabbi Greene at 9:30am


Katrina Relief Effort By Gayle Szuchman

As many of you may be aware, our nursery school in conjunction with our temple has been collecting for the displaced families affected by Hurricane Katrina. The current phase of B’nai Israel’s collection ended on September 23rd. Four full mini vans/SUV’s filled with food and supplies has been sent out from our temple and nursery school. Items collected included water, diapers, non-perishable foodstuffs and new blankets.



The temple is still collecting gift cards for those in need. People can make a contribution by purchasing a gift card to a store such as Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, etc. and then these cards will be distributed by the Union for Reform Judaism to families in the South who have been displaced. For more information on these programs you can either contact Rabbi Greene or visit the web site Thank you so much to everyone who made a donation through our school to those in need.

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B'nai Israel will be hosting an Open House for prospective families on Wednesday, November 30th from 9:30 to 11:00 am. Tell your friends and family about our wonderful Nursery School program.

Don't forget to mention the excellent, well-trained staff,  innovative curriculum, the newly extended school hours, lunch program, and various after-school enrichment programs.Tot Shabbat

By Sheila Hazen

Mark your calendars for the next Tot Shabbat on Saturday, December 10 at 10 am. It’s an exciting and fun-filled Shabbat celebration for parents (and grandparents) with pre-schoolers and younger children that features lots of singing, clapping, crafts – and marching! Join Rabbi Greene and Elaine Chetrit, as they lead this festive, age-appropriate Shabbat celebration. Open to all.

Next Issue Deadline:
Interested in contributing to the next issue of The B’nai Banter? Our next deadline will be Friday, January 6th  for the January/February issue. Open House

By Ivy Travisano


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Don’t Miss the Wine Tasting Social!

This year’s Parent’s Night Out Wine Tasting Social will take place on Saturday, November 12th. Nina Silberman and Howard Weisman have generously volunteered to host this event in their home. A wine presenter from Harry’s Wine & Liquor will guide us through the tasting of various wines. Guests will also enjoy other beverages along with delicious foods from local merchants. Festivities will begin at 7:30 pm and continue until all guests have had their fill of wine and fun.

The event will also include a 50/50 raffle. Tickets will sell for $5 each or 3 for $12. Tickets for the raffle will be pre-sold the week of the event and also during the evening of the Wine Tasting. Towards the end of the evening the lucky ticket will be drawn. The winner takes home half of the funds raised, the other half goes to the Nursery School Fund.

What a wonderful opportunity to learn about wine selections, mingle with old and new friends uninterrupted and relax. You don’t want to miss this one!

By Ivy Travisano

B’nai Holiday Boutique By Gayle Szuchman

B’nai Holiday Boutique

By Gayle Szuchman

Start writing that holiday shopping list because you will be able to accomplish one-stop shopping at our annual B’nai Holiday Boutique! On Sunday, December 4th from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. we will be holding a shopping animalsextravaganza! In the temple social hall you will find over 20 vendors selling everything from designer handbags, fine and costume jewelry, women’s accessories, toys, home accessories, Tupperware, ponchos, make-up and skincare and much, much more. There will be something for everyone, and don’t forget yourself!

In addition, there will be a fantastic raffle table with many great items to win. All of these items will be donated by the vendors. Don’t miss out on these magnificent prizes! If you have the munchies, stop by our not-to-be-missed bake sale table baked by our own B’nai parents. All proceeds from the boutique, raffle and bake sale will go directly to our nursery school fund.  The success of this event depends on you!


Please bring your friends and family, as the boutique is open to the public. We are currently looking for volunteers to help staff the event and bake for the bake sale. Please contact one of the committee members if you can help. More information on the boutique can also be found by clicking here.

sackA HUGE thank you to our boutique committee. This boutique would not be possible without the assistance of these volunteers: Sheila Hazen, Susan Freed and Danielle Weisblatt.

Finally, there is still some space available so if you know any vendors who may be interested in being a part of this great day, please contact Gayle Szuchman or Sheila Hazen. You may also contact Gayle or Sheila if you need any additional information.

Happy shopping!


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Parents Night Out

Looking for a fun night out without the kids? Would you like to hang with some pals, and make new friends too? An evening of wine tasting (with facilitator), noshes and dessert is on the menu for this year’s Parents Night Out. Join other B’nai parents on November 12th at 7:30 (Note the change of date) at Nina Silberman and Howard Weisman’s home. Save the date now. More information coming soon.

By Loretta Stepanskiy

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Who’s Who on the
Nursery School Committee

A big Thank You to our Nursery School Committee volunteers.

If you have any questions about the Nursery School Committee, please consult your copy of the Parents’ Guide for members’ phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Camy Deck Michelle Salem
Susan Freed Kim Sherman
Amy Gordon Nina Silberman
Sheila Hazen Ann Small
Shelly Kadish Deanna Spartachino
Jennifer Klein Loretta Jay Stepanskiy
Rosemary Klein Gayle Szuchman
Elicia Kusnitz Karen Tolk
Robin Miller Ivy Travisano
Beth Rocco Lisa Verchin
Julie Rosenbaum Jennifer Weinstein
Evelyn Rubak Danielle Weisblatt

Spotlight on the 3's By Sheila Hazen

Three year olds change so quickly! Each day it seems they’ve discovered something new about themselves and their world. Here’s a bit about the caring staff who help them in their explorations at school:

Liz Nigrosh:
Liz has taught at B’nai Israel for seven years. Before that she was an occupational therapist, working with adults who had neurological disorders resulting from head injuries and strokes. Liz loves the developmental aspects of working with young children and their parents, and seeing how they learn and change.

Liz lives with her husband, their fourteen year old twins, and the latest additions to the family – Harpo and Chico, their new kittens.

In her free time, Liz enjoys singing and reading, especially “really good mysteries.” And she has a soft-spot for turkeys. About the upcoming holiday, Liz says “there are no happy turkeys on Thanksgiving.” She likes to focus on other aspects of the day such as being thankful and the Native Americans story.

Jill Ellen:
This is also Jill’s 7th year at B’nai Israel. She has her masters in Social Work, and prior to teaching at B’nai worked with children at hospitals. She lives with her husband, 2 daughters and their German Shepard, Sierra. Regarding teaching the threes, Jill says she loves the kids’ enthusiasm, and the excitement of every day being something different.

Jill enjoys using her artistic abilities to create stamping and scrap booking projects. You may have also noticed her wearing an article or two of Mickey Mouse clothing. She’s been a devoted fan since childhood, and has many prints adorning the walls of her home — and an entire bathroom decorated with the round-eared fellow!


Bobbie Gross:
This is Bobbie’s second year teaching at B’nai. Before joining the staff here, she was a kindergarten teacher at Laurel School for Young Children in Trumbull.

Bobbie says she feels she’s made a difference to a child when she sees that “love of learning” develop. She believes it’s important to set age appropriate challenges for children, to adjust the level of information presented and to nurture their sense of accomplishment.

Bobbie’s has two daughters and two grandchildren. Her hobbies include reading (she has worked at the Fairfield Woods library for almost 20 years) and traveling. She enjoys being with her family and friends.

Alexa Cohen:
Alexa is also starting her second year at B’nai Israel Nursery School. Her background is in  early childhood education and she has always worked in the field, most recently as the Preschool Director at the JCC. Two and three year olds are her favorite age groups to teach. She enjoys seeing how they think things through and learn to solve problems, and loves watching them develop into little people.

Alexa’s husband is in the same field and is a childcare director in Westport. Their son and daughter are 9 and 5, and she says being a mom definitely helps her be a
better teacher. Spending time with her family is important to Alexa, and one of her favorite activities when doing so is baking, especially with her children.


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Call for Submissions Have you read a good book lately? How about writing a short summary about it for our next newsletter?  

Please contact Susan Freed, Ivy Travisano or Loretta Stepanskiy and you can be published too!

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Frank Discussion About Real Parenting Challenges
by Loretta Stepanskiy

How important are playdates?

What’s the best way to have a successful playdate? How can we prevent and manage arguments between the kids?

What do other parents say?  Depending on extra-curricular activities, many parents try and schedule one or two playdates a week for their child or children. One mom tries to split the time with a structured activity and some playtime. Another mom finds it important to let the kids play freely, either in parallel play or together. Using some quiet time has proven helpful to other moms to help the kids break out of bickering battles and regroup.

What do the pros say? Dr. Benjamin Spock says that children should be around other children of similar ages from about one year of age in order to foster social skills. Authors of Smart Love, William and Martha Heineman Pieper disagree; they say that prior to three years of age playdates are not very important, children of this age want your love and attention, but also want to control their environment. These younger children should not be expected to share or follow social norms (e.g. sharing).


By three and four years of age friendships with other children become important to children and they are able to empathize with others. When disputes break out during playtime, Myrna Shure (developmental psychologist and educator) suggests asking the more verbal child how he thinks the action makes the other child feel. Follow up with a question about how your child would feel if Johnny didn’t want to play with him anymore, thus demonstrating to your child that his feelings are important too. As children mature, helping them recognize social expectations are important to develop social skills.

So, keep on scheduling those playdates, and be available to help the kids work out any differences that may come up. And most of all, let them have fun!
Each newsletter issue, we will ask, and answer, a parenting issue. Have you
successfully handled a parenting challenge? If so, please let others learn from your experience. Contact Loretta Stepanskiy to share your story.


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As relative newcomers to Connecticut when our daughter Michele, now almost 18, was born, we looked for a temple with which to affiliate. We shopped and shopped as we sought a comfortable religious home. We happened upon B'nai Israel Nursery School much by chance. A three-year-old class with warm, competent and nurturing teachers appeared to be just perfect. That provided the introduction to the temple and we affiliated a short time later.

Since then, our two children have attended religious school. Michele became a Bat Mitzvah and subsequently was confirmed. Our son, Michael, also a B'nai Israel Nursery School alumni, is about to become a Bar Mitzvah.

The B'nai Israel Nursery School, under Gail Weinstein's direction, provided us with an initial sampling of the talented and dedicated staff as well as an inviting Reform Jewish environment which is at the heart of B'nai Israel.

The Varon Family


Parenting &
Childhood Programs
- because children donít come with User Manuals!
Keshet—A Place of Support
for Parents of Preschoolers with Special Needs

Dates to be determined
Keshet (“rainbow”) responds to the special needs of the youngest members of our Jewish community. One Shabbat (Saturday) morning each month, we will bring your 3-5 year old(s) together to engage in a Jewish enrichment and social skill experience with our credentialed special education teachers, while parents meet separately to support one another and meet other B’nai Israel members who are experts in their fields.  For more information, contact Rabbi Greene at 336-1858. (Keva = 1.5)
A Taste of Judaism: Are You Curious?
Tuesdays, November 22, 29, December 6 from 9:30-11:30 a.m.
This class will be taught again and open to parents with young children, in conjunction with our Early Childhood Education Center. See the Unique Opportunities section for a full description. Registration is required. (Keva = 1.5)

Stages of Development in Children Ages 3-5
Thursday, January 19 at 7:30 p.m.
Join Mary Budrawich, early childhood consultant, as she discusses the behavioral issues and strategies parents can use at each developmental stage.
Mary will also address school readiness as it pertains to kindergarten. Snow date is February 9. (Keva = 1.5)

The Blessings of a Skinned Knee
March 20 and 27 at 9:30 a.m.
Clinical psychologist and Jewish educator Wendy Mogel distills the ancient teachings of the Torah, the Talmud, important Jewish thinkers, and contemporary psychological insights into nine blessings that address key parenting issues.  Join Rabbi Greene, Gail Weinstein and other parents to explore a path of effective, enlightened parenting in an increasingly speedy, material, and competitive age. Books are available for purchase from the Early Childhood Center office or via our website’s link to at right. (Keva = 1.5)





Click on the book to order!




The Department of Jewish Education has developed a brochure for bedtime rituals. This is part of a UAHC initiative by Rabbi Eric Yoffie that seeks to ensure "that no Jewish child goes to sleep without having read a Jewish book, listened to a Jewish tape, sung a Jewish song." And so, to introduce this program, Ira Wise and I presented a workshop for families of young children.

It was suggested to the group that creating family memories and traditions begins at an early age. A wonderful way to begin is putting together a family book or album. Through pictures, the album serves as a record of capturing Jewish times together. The first year could include photographs at birth, the naming ceremony or Brit Milah, pictures of the child with grandparents. Other "Kodak moments" include lighting Shabbat candles, making challah, eating a latke, dressing up as Esther, crunching on a matzah. Blank pages could be labeled in anticipation of life cycle events that might include Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Confirmation. As the child gets older, he/she may dictate a label about what the pictures describe. The memory book may be read over and over just like a storybook.

Transforming bedtime into Jewish time lets your child understand that being Jewish is a way of life and a source of comfort.

Gail Weinstein Preschool Director


Congregation B'nai Israel Nursery School provides a nurturing and stimulating Jewish environment for newborns through preschoolers. The school allows the opportunity for each child to develop at his/her own rate. The curriculum is designed to meet the individual's specific needs and to promote optimal physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. Jewish life, culture and holidays are also an integral part of a child's experience at Nursery School.



Our teachers prepare the environment for the children to learn through active exploration and interaction with adults, other children and materials.


Enrollment begins in November of each year

  • NEWBORNS AND ONE YEAR OLDS- Meet once a week for 90 minutes with mother/ caregiver. Led by a trained facilitator.
  • TWO YEAR OLDS- Meet for 2 1/2 hours, twice a week There are three classes that have a 4 to 1 student/teacher ratio.
  • THREE YEAR OLDS-There are two classes that meet three, four or five times a week for 2 _ hours. An hour extended day is offered for lunch Monday through Thursday for and additional fee. One classroom offers a 6 to 1 student/teacher ratio, another offers an 8 to 1 student/teacher ratio.
  • FOUR YEAR OLDS-There are two classes that meet five times a week for 2 _ hours. An hour extended day is offered for lunch for an additional fee. One class has a 6 to 1 student/ratio and the other offers an 8 to 1 student/teacher ratio.

Two's class- A child must be 2 years old by December 31.
Three's class- A child must be 3 years old by December 31.
Four's class- A child must be 4 years old by December 31.


A variety of after school programs is offered for 3 and 4 years olds for an additional fee.

A 6 week Summer Program is available for children who meet the age requirements for the 3 and 4 years old program. Emphasis is on water play, cooking , Jewish culture, arts and crafts, and independent activity time.


A staggered entrance is utilized to ease the child's transition into the classroom at the beginning of each school year.


The staff works cooperatively with the parents to facilitate and encourage independence in toileting for children in the two and three year old classes. Children should be fully trained upon entering the four year old program.


Gail Weinstein became the first Teacher/Director at B'nai Israel Nursery School 16 years ago. Two years ago she became the full time director. She has 30 years of teaching experience including elementary school in the Fairfield school system and nursery school at the Jewish Center for Community Services. She has a B.S. in Elementary Education, an M.S. in Education and an M.A.T. in Early Childhood Education. She also holds a Head Teacher Certification from the Connecticut State Licensing Bureau. Gail and her husband Peter live in Trumbull and are members of B'nai Israel. Her children, Andrea and Brad, became Bat and Bar Mitzvah and were confirmed at B'nai Israel.

Our teachers hold a variety of degrees, many in education and early childhood education. The majority have more than 7 years of teaching experience, and some have as many as 16. All of our teachers are trained in the use of the Epi Pen. The faculty is a member of NAEYC (National Association Education Young Children) and the local Mid-Fairfield Association.

The children attend music with the Cantor twice a week and a creative movement class once a week with a specialist. Regular visits by the Rabbi and the Family Education Director foster a sense of belonging to the synagogue.


Parents are encouraged to be involved in the nursery school experience. There are a variety of ways for parents to get involved including: serving as a room parent, chaperoning field trips, attending class parties and being an active member of the Nursery School Committee. The Nursery School Committee, which is comprised of the Director of the Nursery School and parents of children enrolled in the school meets monthly. The Committee determines school policy that promotes the developmental approach to early childhood education. The Chairperson of this committee reports to the Board of B'nai Israel.


Several times a year the preschool families gather for social and educational events including pasta night, an ice cream social, end -of-year picnic/Havdalah service, workshops and speakers.

You can see more Family programs on our Family Education page on this site.


Scholarship funds are available based on financial needs.

Tu B'shevat Recycling Project — Clean Mud

6 rolls of toilet paper (cheap brands are okay)
2 small bars of Ivory soap
1 1/2 cups of Borax

In a large container, unroll all 6 rolls of toilet paper. Pour water on top of the toilet paper until it is wet. (Not a lot of water!) Using a cheese grater or serrated knife, grate the 2 bars of soap on top of this. Add the Borax and mix together (please see Caution* below). I would suggest using a wooden spoon at first as the Borax can be very drying to your hands. Add a small amount of water to the mixture if it appears too dry. At first, it will feel gritty. As the Borax begins to work on the mixture you'll no longer feel this. You can store this mixture for months in a closed container. You will probably need to add more water when you use it again.

Play time
Put the clean mud in a sand table -or- Put the clean mud on an individual tray or cookie sheet. Use spoons, cars, trucks, little people, etc. You will be amazed at the dramatic scenarios generated with this media!

Works great outside as well!

Cleans their hands as they play! Feels just like real mud!

Borax is harmful if it gets into eyes. When you make this, do not allow the children to help with the Borax portion. Once the Borax is mixed in and diluted, there should be no problem. Alternatively, you can leave the Borax out of the mixture the first time you make it and add it after the children have played with it the first time and before storing it.


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